Core Offerings

  • New site builds – design & configuration
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Upgrades & Fixes (Plugins, Themes, etc)
  • Security Hardening
  • Performance Tuning, Optimization
  • Hosting & Migrations
  • Hack & Malware Clean-up
  • Plugin/Extension Development

B2B & Wholesale Strategy

Today’s most successful companies not only satisfy retail needs, but engage with their wholesale customers.

Automate your processes today:

  • Wholesale Levels
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Volume Pricing
  • Customer Specific Pricing Rules
  • Customer Specific Shipping & Payment Methods
  • Complex Wholesale Sign Up Forms
  • Wholesale Account Creation
  • Dynamic Retail/Wholesale Product Catalogs
  • Partial Order / Sub Order Fulfillment

Inventory & Order Management

  • Bulk Inventory Management
  • Custom Order Status / Status Views
  • Partial & Split Orders / Shipments
  • Backorder Fulfillment
  • Return / RMA Process
  • Custom Order Emails / Triggers

Business & Transactional Emails

  • Ensure email deliverability to you and your customers
  • DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) email authentication to prevent email spoofing
  • Google Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Zoho Mail, cPanel Mail (Horde, Roundcube)
  • Outgoing Transactional Services: PostMark App, SendGrid, Mailgun, SendinBlue, Amazon SES, Mandrill


  • Cart Abandonment & Email Marketing/Promotions
  • Payments – Stripe, PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay,, FirstData, Intuit, Affirm, Chase Paymentech, CyberSource, etc
  • Shipping – FedEx, UPS, USPS
  • Accounting Systems – Quickbooks Online & Desktop, Xero, Freshbooks
  • Tax Systems – TaxJar, Avalara, TaxCloud
  • Marketing & Advertising Platforms
  • Social / Promotional Systems
  • Fullfillment Services
  • DropShipping Services

Custom Configurations

  • Online Membership / Recurring Subscriptions
  • Custom Product Variation Setups
  • Custom Shipping Configurations – flat rate, table rate, category rate, etc.
  • Multi State / County Tax Collection & Reporting
  • Data Export / Import
  • Custom Checkout
  • Custom Product Pages
  • Plugin/Extension Development

PCI Compliance

Simply, if you accept payment by credit/debit card on your website then the Payment Card Industry (PCI) wants you to be compliant.

By being compliant, you protect your customers and you protect your business from liability – all for a small fee.

In order to be compliant you must:

  • secure your website properly
  • scan your website each quarter
  • resolve any issues as a result of those scans
  • file the proper paperwork each quarter

There are some cases where PCI Compliance is not required – but it’s not bad to have and easier to be compliant than you think.