WordPress Development & Management

6 years of experience crafting solutions for complex WordPress needs. I’ve managed the development of a suite of 8 WooCommerce plugins and led development on various WordPress projects over the years.


Infrastructure, Security, Performance

10 years of experience at the server and hosting layer. Virtual server configuration in numerous environments: ServInt, RackSpace, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Media Temple. Experience managing 100+ WP site production environments.


Advertising, Marketing, CRM Automation

10 years experience crafting marketing campaigns. Experience with customer-centric tools such as MailChimp, HelpScout, and AgileCRM. Targeted ads on platforms like BuySellAds, Google Adwords, and Bing/Yahoo Ads.


Project Management & Community

Experience with $20K–$1M web projects with Elsevier SunGard, Consumer Reports, and Christie’s Auction House via Jarvus Innovations. Experience fostering new relationships, desk rental management, and event management for the Devnuts hackerspace.

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